Daily Angel Card October 7, 2018

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I keep getting this card! Like The Empress last week, I keep getting the “ No need to worry” card. If you are worried about what to do next in life, this message is for YOU! Ready? Here goes! I believe that the Angels keep showing us the “No worry” card because we are worrying in vain. We are worried about things that will never happen! Did you know that most of our worries are about future events that NEVER come to pass? But, my darlings, realize that there are some things that we cannot change so we may as well shore up our spiritual armor so that we are prepared for any eventuality. So the point is, good things are coming so don’t worry. Not so good things may be coming, still, don’t worry! The bonus card today is “Choose a new direction.” Mind you, it didn’t say “different”, it said “new”! I hear you asking,”LadyG, what’s the distinction?” Well…The word “different” implies familiarity. You know something about the options. “New”, in this cases, implies that you have no reference! The slate is clean! Aha! This card also urges us to pray and use our intuition to reveal more about this new path. There is hope there! Don’t worry if others don’t understand your decision ( refer to card one: No Need to Worry😉) Your new direction could be the quickest path towards your divine purpose which holds all of your good. Love you 😘💋💋 #worry #concern #newdirection #intuition #pray #dailyguidance #dailyangelcard #angeldeck #alluringintuitive #happysunday #divinepurpose

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