Daily Angel Card October 9, 2018

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Ego has all the answers, right? If you’re looking at this card then it might be for YOU! LadyG has a couple of questions for y’all to ponder: What has you all hemmed up? Why do you think that you’re trapped?What has obstructed your vision? Why can’t you see the truth of the matter? Darlings, think about your answers to these questions. Ok, let me help you out by giving you a cosmic nudge🙃 The issue here is our ego! Ego loves to sprinkle our lives with self doubt and esteem killers like: We are not worthy. We are not qualified. We’re too ugly… Too fat or skinny… Not the right race, ethnicity or gender… Not capable… Ego tells us that we don’t deserve our highest good. Now you know that’s some b*llsh*t, right? Don’t buy into that crap! Baby, let me remind you, once again, that you are a beautiful extension of the Divine… here for the growth and expansion of our universe! Now, if you have trouble believing that, spend more time communing with God! Crowd that devilish ego out! Free yourself! Engage in higher thoughts and affirmations! You are magnificently regal! Now go forth and act like it! Love you! 😘💋💋 *****************************************#ego #thedevil #trapped #vision #obstruction #wall #see #truth #selfdoubt #lowselfesteem #affirmation #growth #expansion #highthoughts #freeyourself #dailyangelcard #dailyguidance #alluringintuitive #angeldeck

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