Daily Angel Card October 10, 2018

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Are you ready for victory? Kick it up into high gear! This card indicates that big shifts are emerging. It is a major arcana card, just like the previous two… but we’ll talk about that later🤔 Anyway, baby, it’s getting time to move! The key here is this: Get comfortable with not knowing every single thing about a situation, sometimes you just gotta make forward movement in the “dark.” My darlings, Tennessee Williams told us that there is a definite time to leave, even when there’s no certain place to go! Use your intuition! It will guide you on the “when” and “where.” Movements are not always physical! In fact, the most important ones are mental and spiritual! Just remember to maintain your mind/heart balance. If you need help handling the situation—-which I’m sure you will, know that God is always on your side! Ask for His help and don’t forget your angels! You will have the victory! Love you! 😘💋💋 #dailyangelcard #dailyguidance #angeldeck #victory #control #balance #highgear #notknowing #moveforward #steady #go #angels #intuition #alluringintuitive

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