Daily Angel Card October 11, 2018

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This card urges us to take control…to discipline that aspect of ourselves that is capable of causing all kinds of destruction. Trust me, we can do it by reaching inward to bring our strength forward! Believe it or not, you are much stronger than you think! My darlings, sometimes it is necessary to be on guard—prepared to attack—in order to protect ourselves from serious threats. However, we often find ourselves in a constant state of surveillance— looking for reasons to pounce on someone or, at least, put up our shields. No doubt, this behavior is based on past experiences that have caused much emotional pain and heartache. But, baby, there comes a time when we must tame these “instincts.” Particularly when they aren’t really needed. So… Consider what’s going on in your life. Let’s start here: Who do you need to forgive? My loves, as you ask yourself this question, resist the impulse to justify your position in the matter. Never would I try to tell you that what this person did was cool. But, I would ask you to consider forgiveness in order to free YOURSELF. Real talk…What’s going on with that dear soul is NONE of your concern. This act of forgiveness is strictly for your own wellbeing! Not sure how to proceed with that? Ask for guidance from the Angels to show you who you need to forgive and how to do it! Child, they might advise you to get a counselor, which in many cases is a necessity. Let them do what they do! Counselors! What say you? Be strong! You got this thing! Love you 😘💋💋 ***************************************** #control #discipline #destruction #strength #strong #attack #guard #protect #instinct #forgive #forgiveness #counselor #counseling #mentalhealth #dailyangelcard #angeldeck #dailyadvice #dailyguidance #alluringintuitive

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