My Angel

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The other day I was telling someone about my mother and how much I missed her. Naturally, I got a little teary-eyed. A few seconds later my daughter, Lady J, texted me this angelic picture of mama that none of us had ever seen! Completely out of nowhere! My Dad had just sent it to her. Needless to say, I was knocked off my feet! Some might say that this was a coincidence. But, I, like Squire Rushnell, believe that coincidences really are winks from God. Mom was letting me know that she’s still around. She even looks like she’s reaching out to us! I am so grateful to have had her in my life as long as I did. Love you mom! She would have been 72 in August. #leoqueen👑 #rip #ripmama #myangel #motherslove #heavenisreal #godwinks #squirerushnell #love #peace #messages

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11 thoughts on “My Angel

  1. Ah, how lovely your beautiful mother reaching out to say hello. Yes, I believe this too. I’ve had my own experiences including with my dad reaching out to me after passing on 8 years ago. Our departed loved ones are still with us, just in another way. xo

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