Daily Angel Card October 12, 2018

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The STAR! A sight for sore eyes! If you are looking at this card then this message is for YOU! Ok, so, you may remember me mentioning, in a previous post, that all of the cards that I pulled for this week have been from the Major Arcana—-no cherry picking here! That’s just how they fell. Anyway, at that time, I said that we’d talk about that. So, here goes: Major Arcana cards signify big energies… life-changing energies! Whereas Minor Arcana cards reflect fleeting energies—more day-to-day issues. Don’t get me wrong, both are important to look into. Now… My darlings, today’s card, THE STAR indicates a BIG positive shift! A HOPEFUL shift. Baby, it is a harbinger of good things happening! Here, our star is ready to help up with navigating towards all of the goals, dreams, and wishes that we have been asking for. I’m getting that some of you are exploring several different money making ideas. This card indicates that many of those ideas could be profitable! Just do the necessary research and planning! Seek professional financial/ business advice and perfect your craft. If you do these things you could be sitting pretty! LOL! Excuse LadyG and her Southern colloquialisms! At any rate, our dear ⭐️ 💫 STAR is a spectacular omen for all of us! Love you 😘💋💋 *************************************** #thestar #majorarcana #shift #positiveshift #bigenergy #harbinger #goodthings #goals #dreams #wishes #moneymaking #money #ideas #good #goodomen #goodideas #signs #dailyangelcard #dailyguidance #dailyadvice #angeldeck #alluringintuitive #positive

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3 thoughts on “Daily Angel Card October 12, 2018

  1. Lady G,
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! I have had you on my mind a lot lately and tuned into this today. Correction…I was drawn to it. You know that difference 🙂
    Hope to catch up more soon, my friend. I have missed you!
    Love and light to you and yours,


    1. Wow!!!!! You KNOW I have thought about you a million times! I see that you too have started a new endeavor. This is very exciting isn’t it!
      Clearly we made a call to each other.
      We will catch up! That’s a promise.
      Love always, G

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