Daily Angel Card October 27, 2018

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You might be surprised to know how food affects your energy vibration! Though the Angels speak of organic foods, LadyG runs a no judgement zone, so eat the best of whatever you can afford🙏🏽 My darlings, your body tells you whether the food that you eat is good for you! Baby, I’m a southern girl, so I know how it is to fall over into a pot of turnip greens slathered with every kind of fat you can imagine….And it was DELICIOUS! But, I felt heavy and tired afterwards. Naturally my vibration was low; to say the least. You can’t attract what you want with that kind of vibe. Now… I could take those same turnip greens and cook them with a little oil and some seasonings and have a totally different outcome! A much lighter feeling; a higher vibe. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not Mama’s greens but they taste very nice. 😂 At any rate, be mindful of your dietary habits! Ask a higher physician, like Archangel Raphael, to lead you as you make health related changes. Love you 😘💋💋******************************** #dailyangelcard #dailyguidance #dailyadvice #food #highvibrationfood #healthyfood #health #archangelraphael #soulfood #highenergy #highvibe #vibration #higherfrequency #lawofattraction #alluringintuitive

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