Daily Angel Card March 1, 2019

Happy birthday GRANDDADDY!

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When the Angels send us the SAME message we must do a double take! My darlings, follow me back to just a few short days ago when I shared this same message but from a different deck. FOCUS your attention on the word FLOW! Baby, the Divine wants us to stop resisting and let go! Go with the flow! Trust that God knows how to get you where you are asking to go! Now if you’re equivocating about where you want to go or what you want to do, be or have, you best figure it out! Otherwise you will wash up on a RANDOM shore in Crazy-town! LOL! Baby, get specific about your desires, then let go and FLOW! LadyG loves you! 😘💋💋**** #alluringintuitive #flow #doubletake #messages #dontresist #letgo #goals #hopes #dreams #plans #universe #thedivine #angels #guidance #money #love #relationships #career #finance #thoughts #beliefs #feelings #random

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