Weekly Reading May 27- June 2: Love, Money, Business/Career


It’s not unusual for us to want all of our desires to manifest immediately.

I know I do.

However, as I have said many times, I am very aware that God’s timing is best!

In today’s reading we are reminded to trust that The Divine knows what to bring us and when.


Title picture:  Swirl vortex

5 thoughts on “Weekly Reading May 27- June 2: Love, Money, Business/Career

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I Gwin.
        I missed it first time; thanks for the mention….HI Gwin! 👋👋
        You know what I think did…..
        Since I disagree with my keyboard (a lot) I use an old fashioned mouse with a wire, and when I was listening and being careless enough to keep my hand on the mouse AND not always watching the screen (attention span of a child sometimes), I think I clicked the mouse and jumped a minute or two…..Did hear the phone ring though.
        Listened to it all the way though this time (with hands firmly at my side)…..loosing that e-mail of yours too…. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be let near a laptop.🙄
        I loved that you mentioned Devine Time. My own approach to belief mixes in with my few knowledges of sciences and since there is a great deal of investigation carried out into the meaning of Time in the physics senses this really resonated.
        Keep on keeping on Gwin!

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      2. Thanks Roger! Your interest in time and physics is what made “Patchwork” so interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by those things as well…even if I don’t really understand them 🙂

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      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Me neither Gwin.
        In fact there is the Beauty of Time & Physics, still so very much to learn and understand, we have barely begun. Fascinating places to visit 😃


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