4 thoughts on “Love Notes From Lady G: Make That Move!

  1. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I’ve been working on the final book of my fantasy series and took a truly risky couple of turns and thought should I be doing this? Then thought…Yeah! Now during the re-write (third re-write) I started thinking again…should I really, really be doing this.
    Now I’ve read your blog post I thought….Sure I can!
    Thanks Gwin

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      Hi there my dear friend!
      Now this really makes my day!
      To know that this message was a match for YOU! I love it!
      How are you and the Mrs? I pray that you all are well.
      We are really catching it over here. Keep us in prayer 🙂
      Keep moving Roger, you are an extremely talented writer 🙂

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      1. Thanks for your kind words Gwin🌺 🌸 🌼 🌻 🌞..I will keep on keeping on, just because I can.
        Yeah, we’re thinking about you guys. This is one of these times when Nature comes knockin’ at our doors and says’
        ‘You think it’s your world? Think again. Play by the rules,’
        We’re ‘poddling’ along, taking the days as they come, the ups with the downs and adapting.
        Take care. We will keep you in our prayers 🙏
        All the best to you and yours
        Roger & Sheila.

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  2. LOL! You’re absolutely right. Nature will show us who is in charge. Problem is pandemic + Trump = mass casualties—-unnecessary casualties! Then I’m here in Ga. with a Governor who clearly doesn’t care about our welfare.
    Such is life 😦
    I’m just glad to know that you all are well. All the best to you my friend.


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