Fame For Fame’s Sake? Nah…You Can Keep That!

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Although this message may have been originally associated with a particular date or day of the week, it applies whenever you receive it.

Is fame for fame’s sake worth it? It’s a NO for me.

Here’s why I say that…

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According to Google, by way of Oxford Languages, “fame“ is defined as “the state of being known or talked about by many people especially on account of notable achievements.”

Based on this definition, “fame” sounds like a pretty desirable status.

However, the phrase “being known or talked about by many people” caught my eye.

Yeah, I’m talking about my 3rd eye 👁

Seriously, did Oxford Languages intentionally leave a little something out?

I’d say so.

Now, it’s crystal clear to me that our dear dictionary scriveners opted not to delve into the details of “being known or talked about”—other than to say that it is the result of a person’s notable achievements.

Does the second part of the definition clarify the first part?

I don’t think so.

In fact, several questions immediately come to my mind, including:

What can people “know’ about anybody—let alone someone they’ve never met?  

What do people talk about when they talk about the famous?  

A cursory glance at any social media platform will prove that this “talk” is not always good.  

In fact, it’s mostly negative and often false.

But let’s go deeper.

What kinds and flavors of energies/entities are directed to a person by someone who is constantly deriding, gossiping, or as we say where I’m from, talking shit about others?

Do they know that these same energies ALWAYS find their way back to their point of origin?

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Some do, most don’t, but I’m not necessarily focusing on them right now, I’m talking about their targets.

Anyway, since I have decided to play a game of 20,000 questions without your consent, let me ask a couple more…

If the average person is already dealing with a plethora of naysayers amongst his or her family and friends, how much more problematic is this for those who have achieved a certain amount of fame?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not arguing against the pursuit of fame, I’m simply pointing out that if you do decide to pursue it, you must be willing to accept ALL that comes with it–including the constant barrage of negative energy.

So, I ask you now, is “fame” worth it?


4 thoughts on “Fame For Fame’s Sake? Nah…You Can Keep That!

  1. Amen to your wise words here Gwin.
    Ok, so you are working on something you like / love. Singing, writing, acting and so forth, and your work gets recognised; well that’s fine particularly if you are bringing something into your audiences’ lives. Of course you’ll get knocks on the way, but if you are devoted to what you do and have an appreciative group for your work, you can balance one against the other.
    But Fame for its own sake? That’s too much hassle. I mean all those Kardashians (I never worked out how many there were), can you tell me they enjoy their lives?
    And there are ‘Influencers’ (when did that happen?). Or folk who are knocking themselves out just so then can get a gazillion ‘likes’ on their blog…never mind what they are saying?
    It strikes me as a very brittle way to live.
    Do something productive with your God-given gifts as best you can. That’s the only way. If you get known; it was meant to be; and a modest little earning from those efforts…that an’t so bad.

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    1. My Friend!
      You must have been reading my mind. You hit the nail on the head with your point about doing what you love and the possibility of becoming famous. For me, that’s the only way I’d be able to deal with it.
      But as you said, just to be a fame seeker to be “known and talked about” like any Kardashian or some of these “influencers?” Nah….as I said, keep it!
      Have an awesome week this week my friend.

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