Your Convictions Might As Well Be Beneficial

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Although this message may have been originally associated with a particular date or day of the week, it applies whenever you receive it.

If you’re going to run around shouting your convictions throughout the land, make sure that they’re beneficial.

I’ve seen far too many people hold strong to some very harmful convictions and beliefs–convictions, when advanced, leave nothing but disruption and destruction in their wake.

Now how does that behavior serve anybody?

Well, maybe it serves a narcissist who CRAVES the attention that he receives from this toxic display–regardless of the deleterious impact on others.

I wish I could say that this behavior is rare–it’s not and that’s pretty damn unfortunate.

But there is good news!

And here it is…

We’re not automatons!

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In fact, we can take stock and purge any detrimental ideology that we’ve previously clung so hard to in the past.

it’s a new day and The Divine wants us to know that if we are going to develop and hold fast to a conviction of any sort, it might as well be beneficial.

You know, something that expands the collective!

In this sense, the term “beneficial” refers to an outlook or mindset that is helpful to you and others without causing harm to anyone outside of that.

Flat out, have convictions that are aligned with the knowledge that you are:

  • Loved, safe and secure
  • Blessed with untold miracles right now
  • Achieving a goal that you never imagined possible
  • Developing cooperative relationships with wonderful people
  • A faithful steward of your environment and resources

That list is neither exhaustive, nor is it it in any particular order of importance- well maybe the first one is meant to come first. 🥰

Now get out there and display strength and courage with your newfound beneficial convictions!

LadyG loves you!

5 thoughts on “Your Convictions Might As Well Be Beneficial

  1. You said right thing there Gwin.
    There are a lot of loudmouths out there trying to prove they know something we don’t and their arguments are all based on Hate and Division. Like the old saying goes ‘Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise,’
    That trilogy of mine, I was wondering just what I was doing (writers suffer doubts like that😄) and it struck me, the whole work is a celebration of journeys, stumbling at times but reaching places of worth, then pausing before moving on to the next. So I’ll take your words to heart and get that trilogy wrapped up (Vol III under re-write)

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    1. I love the fact that you came to a whole new realization about your work –long after you started it! That’s amazing! It speaks to your openness to see your greater purpose.
      Thanks for checking out the post.
      I never heard the saying about “empty vessels” but you better believe that I’ll be adopting it! LOL!! Have an awesome day my friend, you and Mrs. Sheila.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That must be a British saying then 😄. Feel free to use it, you can start off with ‘Well, as they say in Britain….’.
        Yeah and I admit…I love my crazy books, though there were three very willing and able guides and helpers.

        Liked by 1 person

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