Should You Believe in God? Moving Away From An Outdated Paradigm

Should you believe in God?

Personally, I’ve had challenges in my life that forced me to seek God for guidance, support and protection.

I also had the ability to recognize Divine design in nature and animals.


I’m not here to tell you whether you should believe in God.

But, if you don’t, I can understand that, especially if you are still working from an old paradigm of who or what God is.

I just published a spiritual journal that may help you to uncover these thoughts and begin recording helpful resources and insights about them.

Click the link on the right panel.

Here’s the video:

7 thoughts on “Should You Believe in God? Moving Away From An Outdated Paradigm

  1. Hi Gwin.
    I’m so pleased to see a post from you. Been so long. How are you and yours?
    This is a You Tube to make folk think. Or they should. There are so many approaches to believe in God. After a long time spent visiting science issues, dwelling on the Cosmos, one thing I am certain of is that is there God. For there on in there are myriad path ways (It’s a big, and ancient Universe)

    Pointer Sisters:……Just had to drop by onto You Tube for this:

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    1. Roger, my friend!!!!! So happy to hear from you. We are all well here and I pray that you all are as well. 🙏🏽 Yes! I agree, there is God; there has to be! The whole thing is so organized and intelligent ; I refuse to believe that everything emerged and evolved by happenstance. Stick around my friend. LadyG, House of Mathilda, has more to say about this😉😘💋🙏🏽

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