Starting A Spiritual Journey: My 3 Step Process (Video)

Join me as I walk and talk about my steps toward starting a spiritual journey.

In the following video, I share about what I do on a daily basis to enhance my spiritual life.

I believe that one’s spiritual journey is very personal–in fact, it is a solo process, so don’t be surprised if your family and friends become dismissive about your new beliefs and practices.

That said, don’t feel obligated to change your path in order to appease others.

Conversely, don’t expect others to understand your spiritual revelations and immediately want to follow along.

Your spiritual path is YOURS! PERIOD.

I speak about all of this and more in the video.

Check it out!

My Evening Self Care Ritual




As I age, I find that it’s very important for me to adhere to a routine of self-care.

Yes, I get it, the term “self-care’ is a bit overdone but it’s the best description that I can find at this moment to elaborate on the rituals and routines that I do to feel and look my best.

Best believe, as the “Alluring Intuitive,” it is a MUST that my ritual includes a spiritual practice.

One such practice, for me, is meditation.

Does the term “meditation” bother you?

Well, before you click “close window,” hear me out.

Meditation does not require you to sit cross legged while chanting OM; though it can be that.

For me, meditation means sitting quietly…allowing my monkey mind thoughts to rise and ultimately fall into deep silence.


Now that ‘s where the good stuff is!

That’s where I receive my most clear guidance from God.


Anyway, here is a short video that details what I do to take care of  ME!

Any questions?

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Lady G loves YOU!