New for 2019

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Image by Skeeze  ? What are we doing if we aren’t growing? No, seriously, I really would like an answer. I mean, we were meant to express ourselves by growing and expanding, right? In my mind, staying stagnant is tantamount to The Beatles’ description of a “real nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land.” How sad is that? Frankly, I don’t… Continue reading New for 2019

Frolicking in the Moonlight

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I am unequivocally a lover of the moon 🙂 Tonight I’ll get to see her, once again, in all her majesty. The moon, in my opinion, is one of God’s most beautiful gifts. And I’ve been nursing a crush on this celestial ‘mama’ for as long as I can remember. I watch her. I talk to her. I dance ‘with’ her.… Continue reading Frolicking in the Moonlight


One of the most important things that I have learned in my spiritual development is the importance of the present moment, also known as “NOW.” Many great thinkers have expressed that our lives are totally experienced in the NOW. Sure, we talk about yesterday and tomorrow, but the fact of the matter is that we knew yesterday as “now” and we’ll know tomorrow as “now.” … Continue reading NOW

Candle Burning

Never underestimate the power of burning candles. Oops, excuse me, please accept my apologies… Allow me to introduce myself. They call me LadyG and I am The Alluring Intuitive. But more about that later…. As I was saying, never underestimate the power of burning candles. If you think about it, folks have been burning candles for as long as there’s been fire and ways to … Continue reading Candle Burning