Time to Decide


Now that we are on THIS side of this past week’s huge supermoon, it’s time to decide!

Enjoy the video:

In the video, I mentioned Eve Brown at The Walking Owl.

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Sadly, her shop is currently closed, as she is focusing on caregiving, but please go visit her blog and send her your love!

Love and light to Eve and to all!

LadyG love YOU!


Detoxing Relationships

Recall our recent discussion about how the supermoon is good for releasing people, places and things that no longer serve us.

Our card yesterday, the Ace of Swords, was most definitely one of new truths; especially truths that lead us to cut out the bullsh** (Air signs, this is your forté!)

You may also remember that The Queen of Swords (Air) has been urging us to do just that since the beginning of this week!

Bearing all of this in mind, today’s card gets specific by telling us that detoxing from certain relationships may be called for; particularly when it comes to realizing financial abundance.

For details, watch the video:


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