Personal Consultations






If you are interested in a general personal consultation with Lady G, aka The Alluring Intuitive, please contact me at and I will send you my offerings and pricing.

If you would like to show your appreciation for the daily cards, please know that it is so greatly appreciated.

Gifts are accepted via Cash app (A square product) at $Ladygflow.

If you have already had a consultation with LadyG, and would like to leave your feedback, please drop a comment about your experience below!

All my best to you!

Love and light 😘💋💋






*Personal readings are for entertainment purposes only.



10 thoughts on “Personal Consultations

  1. Lady G is gifted and she has nurtured her gift w/care, kindness and a softness that caters your soul. She has read for me twice—once by my request, the other was by her initiation. Each reading has been of cosmic confirmation and for me spiritually sound. She’s never brutal nor confusing in her delivery. I trust her to intuitively read for my greater. She’s the right One.

    Love you big!

    Michelle 💞

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    1. Awww! Thank you my sweet for being so thorough and complimentary about your experience. I really appreciate you for taking time to share your thoughts! I am so privledged that you chose to work with me 😘

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  2. I received a reading from Lady G at the first of the year. I was in a place of transition and did not know which direction to take. Her reading was spot-on. She had no knowledge of the pending decisions in my future, she only knew that I was asking for direction. The cards were clear. The best part of the experience was having time to speak with Gwin and focus on the cards that stood out to me. She also provided a detailed reading by email (she is the consummate scribe) and I reflect on it often.
    I recommend Gwin to everyone I know. Not only is she gifted and intuitive, she authentic and real. This is a positive experience from start to finish. You should try it for yourself.
    Gwin, you are the best. Thank you again for everything.

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    1. Thank you so much gorgeous for reviewing your read! You are too kind, not to mention generous with your compliments! Ang, my goal is to present you with something that lives longer than a 30 or 40 minute read! So glad that you still refer back to it and that it remains relevant ❤️

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  3. Lady G did a personal consultation with me over this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised that even though we live in different continents, she was able to tap very accurately into my energy field. She takes great care in her preparation and engaged me with such charm, empathy and professionalism. Her reading resonated so well with past, present and future events unfolding in my life. I look forward to the future with optimism. Thank you Lady G 💕💋

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