Daily Angel Message March 20, 2019

As you watch the video, watch for the “gold star.”  This star represents your wish or goal! It is precisely where your focus must GO! Ironically, the star is both the goal and the way! It appears that the energy of the Queen of Air (Swords)  remains available to reign this week which will help you to keep your thinking faculty clear and positively aligned … Continue reading Daily Angel Message March 20, 2019

New for 2019

Originally posted on seekthebestblog:
Image by Skeeze  ? What are we doing if we aren’t growing? No, seriously, I really would like an answer. I mean, we were meant to express ourselves by growing and expanding, right? In my mind, staying stagnant is tantamount to The Beatles’ description of a “real nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land.” How sad is that? Frankly, I don’t… Continue reading New for 2019