Guard Your Energy

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Although this message may have been originally associated with a particular date or day of the week, it applies whenever you receive it.

Assumptions: This article assumes that you are well-versed in the study and understanding of frequency, vibration and energy. If you are not, you would probably do well to study more about it so that this information makes sense to you. There is a link for further reading at the end of this post.

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Guard your energy!

It is your responsibility to guard your energy by doing all that you can to establish and maintain a high frequency.

There may be others around you who are not aware of, nor do they care about, vibration or energy–let alone, frequency.

Do not let them move you away from your chosen vibratory point!

Find ways to engage your imagination to keep your energy and vibration high.

Imagination is a critical component to the process, but, for me, things like incense and candles also go a long way toward stimulating my senses in the most delightful ways!

The result?

Heightened energy and elevated vibration levels.

In addition to imagination and sensory stimulation, I also read or watch something uplifting every single day.

Many of you who follow me at my main blog, know that my latest passion is gardening and interacting closely with nature.

I have no trouble keeping my vibration on point whenever I’m watering my plants or having a conversation with two majestic magnolia trees that keep watch over my bedroom window.

Frankly, I’ve noticed that when I stay true to this routine, I have more energy, clarity and joy in my life.

What do you do to guard your energy so that your vibration stays high?

I pray that you have a wonderful day today and that all of your wishes and dreams come true!

And remember,

Lady G loves you!


Bob Proctor explains The Law of Vibration

Candle Burning


Never underestimate the power of burning candles.

Oops, excuse me, please accept my apologies…

Allow me to introduce myself.

They call me LadyG and I am The Alluring Intuitive.

But more about that later….

As I was saying, never underestimate the power of burning candles.

If you think about it, folks have been burning candles for as long as there’s been fire and ways to fuel it.

People have used them to enhance spiritual rituals and as symbols of remembrance.

Clearly, there must be something to it.

Personally, I use them as reminders of any number of intentions that I have set for myself.

I also use them to remind me to pray and agree with the intentions of others.

Candles work for me because they keep my prayers and intention foremost in my mind.

All it takes is one glance in their direction.

Remember, God has already blessed you with everything you desire, it’s just a matter of you aligning your mind to that purpose.

By the way, It’s not unusual for me to burn candles that are dedicated to the Archangels.

Ah, but let me clarify something…

I do NOT worship Angels.

However, I do know that they represent the highest thoughts of God, and, as such, they serve as messengers, guides and protectors.

They speak to us in low tones; if we are open to it.

Side note:  Anything that shouts frantically is probably more ego than anything else!

Anyway, back to candles…

I also use candles as decorative enhancements and I adore the scented ones.

If you love candles and use them for spiritual purposes, I’d love to hear from you.

Do you burn angel candles?

Do you use them for decoration only?

Talk to me in comments.

Love and light

LadyG 😘💋💋