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The Southern Witching Hour Podcast, hosted by yours truly, LadyG, delves into Southern supernatural storytelling, spiritual practices, culture and traditions.

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In thinking about how to describe this podcast, my mind wandered to my other blog, Seek The Best Blog!

The Southern Witching Hour Podcast is the supernatural twin sister of that blog.

And so…

If you liked any of the ‘strange and unusual’ stories told over there, then you’ll love this podcast.

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On this podcast, I’ll share Southern lore and stories about our culture which is steeped in the supernatural!

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Divination Practices: Is This Your Cup Of Tea?

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Tasseography, commonly known as ‘tea leaf reading,’ is a divination practice that includes interpreting “patterns and symbols” that appear to be formed by tea leaves at the bottom of a teacup. The art of tea leaf reading is said to have originated in China.

The practice, which ultimately spread to various parts of the world, has evolved to include rich symbology, traditions, interpretations, and practical techniques; which, of course, vary depending on location.

Steps to tea leaf reading

Brew a pot of loose tea leaves

Pour the tea into a teacup

Ask the person seeking the reading to drink the tea, leaving a small amount of liquid and tea leaves in the cup

Invert the cup onto a saucer; allow the remaining liquid and tea leaves to settle into a pattern

‘Read’ the patterns and shapes formed by the tea leaves.

For example, a heart shape might be related to love or romance.

Circles are indicative of completion.

Bear in mind that symbolic meanings are based heavily on the context of the situation.

Meaning is also derived from the ‘readers’ intuition and experience.

Common tea leaf symbols and their meanings

Anchor: stability, security

Arrow: direction, movement

Bird: freedom, travel

Butterfly: transformation, growth

Cat: independence, intuition

Cross: faith, spirituality

Crown: success, achievement

Elephant: strength, wisdom

Fish: abundance, fertility

Heart: love, romance

Moon: intuition, mystery

Sun: vitality, energy

Tree: growth, stability

Frankly, I find tea leaf reading to be a very fascinating divination practice. 

I have seen some tarot readers incorporate tea leaf reading into their sessions. 

Admittedly, I was unable to ‘see’ what the reader ‘saw,” but I was no less intrigued.

That said, would I try this? 

Probably not, but if you are a person who brews loose leaf tea on a regular basis, why not give it a go?

Let me know what you think in comments, especially if you are a tea leaf reader or have had a reading.


Hall, J. (2018). The Ultimate Guide to Divination: The Beginner’s Guide to Using Cards, Crystals, Runes, Palmistry, and More for Insight and Predicting the Future. Fair Winds Press.

Peterson, S. (2015). Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners: Your Fortune in a Teacup. Llewellyn Publications.

Spring Equinox: Manifest with the Seasons

Today, I’ll be talking to you about how to manifest with the seasons, particularly the Spring Equinox.

Take a moment to think about timing your manifestations with the seasons.

Spring, which is the season of new beginnings, is the best time to plant seeds for the things that you wish to manifest in your life.

In this video, I will share three steps to manifestation with a very specific technique that I learned by reading the works of Neville Goddard.

Try This POWERFUL Spiritual Practice: Manifest Your Ideal Outcome

Now, we know that your morning spiritual practices set the tone for your day, but the great spiritual teacher Neville Goddard suggests using a different spiritual practice at bedtime.

This practice is called the pruning shears of revision.

Last week, I talked about Neville’s teachings on pre-paving and why it’s a good idea to incorporate that into your morning routine.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to that video, no worries, here’s the link to the morning spiritual practice.

In today’s video, I will discuss Neville’s bedtime spiritual practice and tell you how to do it.

*Hint* it involves your imagination.

Check out the video:

A Good Time To Look At Your Shadow

Photo by James Wheeler on

Although this message may have been originally associated with a particular date or day of the week, it applies whenever you receive it.

There is a lunar eclipse afoot; it’s a good time to look at your shadow.

Everybody has a shadow side.

You know, that aspect of us that we don’t like looking at.

But, here’s the thing, if we want to live a fully aware life, we must identify and deal with the bad as well as the good.

Back to the eclipse.

At this time we see the moon move into Earth’s shadow.

Talk about symbolism…

Anyway, our intuitive side is heightened and we’re much more open to what’s happening with our shadow side.

Coincidently, if we have taken the opportunity to do this work, we can simultaneously allow our more negative aspects to wane along with the full moon.

The result?

An increase in vibration and an openness to receiving all of the good fortune that has been awaiting us.

Now, never fear if you missed the actual moment of the eclipse, its Super Blood Moon power will continue to linger throughout the day.

Ah, but with the transition of every full moon, we must be in anticipation of the next new moon–which presents us with the opportunity to set our intentions for the things we desire.

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I always do a simple ritual at both the new and full moon for expansion and release, respectively.

Both of these rituals involve journaling.

If you need a designated journal for your intentions, I have several available on amazon.

Best wishes for an awesome day and I hope that you will start to explore your shadow side and take advantage of the power of the moon–even if only in a symbolic way.

LadyG loves you!

Click HERE to learn more about the shadow.

Guard Your Energy

Photo by Pixabay on

Although this message may have been originally associated with a particular date or day of the week, it applies whenever you receive it.

Assumptions: This article assumes that you are well-versed in the study and understanding of frequency, vibration and energy. If you are not, you would probably do well to study more about it so that this information makes sense to you. There is a link for further reading at the end of this post.

Audio version and gift below

Guard your energy!

It is your responsibility to guard your energy by doing all that you can to establish and maintain a high frequency.

There may be others around you who are not aware of, nor do they care about, vibration or energy–let alone, frequency.

Do not let them move you away from your chosen vibratory point!

Find ways to engage your imagination to keep your energy and vibration high.

Imagination is a critical component to the process, but, for me, things like incense and candles also go a long way toward stimulating my senses in the most delightful ways!

The result?

Heightened energy and elevated vibration levels.

In addition to imagination and sensory stimulation, I also read or watch something uplifting every single day.

Many of you who follow me at my main blog, know that my latest passion is gardening and interacting closely with nature.

I have no trouble keeping my vibration on point whenever I’m watering my plants or having a conversation with two majestic magnolia trees that keep watch over my bedroom window.

Frankly, I’ve noticed that when I stay true to this routine, I have more energy, clarity and joy in my life.

What do you do to guard your energy so that your vibration stays high?

I pray that you have a wonderful day today and that all of your wishes and dreams come true!

And remember,

Lady G loves you!


Bob Proctor explains The Law of Vibration