My Evening Self Care Ritual




As I age, I find that it’s very important for me to adhere to a routine of self-care.

Yes, I get it, the term “self-care’ is a bit overdone but it’s the best description that I can find at this moment to elaborate on the rituals and routines that I do to feel and look my best.

Best believe, as the “Alluring Intuitive,” it is a MUST that my ritual includes a spiritual practice.

One such practice, for me, is meditation.

Does the term “meditation” bother you?

Well, before you click “close window,” hear me out.

Meditation does not require you to sit cross legged while chanting OM; though it can be that.

For me, meditation means sitting quietly…allowing my monkey mind thoughts to rise and ultimately fall into deep silence.


Now that ‘s where the good stuff is!

That’s where I receive my most clear guidance from God.


Anyway, here is a short video that details what I do to take care ofย  ME!

Any questions?

Drop down in comments!

Lady G loves YOU!

Daily Angel Card October 15, 2018

Candle Burning


Never underestimate the power of burning candles.

Oops, excuse me, please accept my apologies…

Allow me to introduce myself.

They call me LadyG and I am The Alluring Intuitive.

But more about that later….

As I was saying, never underestimate the power of burning candles.

If you think about it, folks have been burning candles for as long as there’s been fire and ways to fuel it.

People have used them to enhance spiritual rituals and as symbols of remembrance.

Clearly, there must be something to it.

Personally, I use them as reminders of any number of intentions that I have set for myself.

I also use them to remind me to pray and agree with the intentions of others.

Candles work for me because they keep my prayers and intention foremost in my mind.

All it takes is one glance in their direction.

Remember, God has already blessed you with everything you desire, it’s just a matter of you aligning your mind to that purpose.

By the way, It’s not unusual for me to burn candles that are dedicated to the Archangels.

Ah, but let me clarify something…

I do NOT worship Angels.

However, I do know that they represent the highest thoughts of God, and, as such, they serve as messengers, guides and protectors.

They speak to us in low tones; if we are open to it.

Side note:ย  Anything that shouts frantically is probably more ego than anything else!

Anyway, back to candles…

I also use candles as decorative enhancements and I adore the scented ones.

If you love candles and use them for spiritual purposes, I’d love to hear from you.

Do you burn angel candles?

Do you use them for decoration only?

Talk to me in comments.

Love and light

LadyG ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹