GET YOUR Personal Reading From LadyG


Did you know that I do personal readings?

Below, you’ll find a few FAQs on how it all works.

How do your readings work, LadyG?

Well, I am a scribe, which means that I will read your cards, then write a story describing the energies associated with your question, issue, or concern. In addition, I offer suggestions on how to manage those energies for your best and highest outcome.

You may also request a general reading when there is no particular question, issue, or concern. In this case, you simply want a reading of the energies in your surroundings.

How do I initate a reading?

To get started, send an email (included below) to request a reading by typing “Reading Request” in the subject line.

In the body of the email, include your first name and only one (1) question, issue or concern.

Please note: It is important to be concise; focus on the matter at hand.

The more concise you are, the more accurate your reading will be.

If you want a general reading, type ‘general reading’ in the body of the email instead of including a question, issue, or concern.

Before you request a reading with me, it is very important that you understand that my readings usually confirm what YOU already know. I am not a fortune teller or psychic. I cannot tell the future, and I am not a medium for communicating with the deceased.

To be honest, I don’t believe that it’s possible to predict the future; there are so many variables that can shift outcomes.

Can I request a reading for someone else?

No, I only read for the person who is requesting the reading. In other words, if you request a reading for someone else, I will have to decline. However, you can ask the person to initiate the reading her/himself.

Warning, if you initiate a reading using someone else’s name in order to bypass this rule, you should assume that the reading is totally invalid—filled with confusion.

That said, you will have wasted everyone’s time and your money.

Honey, spirit always knows; even if I personally cannot tell. 🤭

What are the next steps?

When you are ready, send your email to

Be sure to follow the directions above, otherwise, your request may get lost ‘in the sauce.’😀

As soon as I receive your email, I will respond with further instructions. Once you complete all of the instructions, you will receive your response within 12-24 hours of the time that I personally confirm receipt of your reading request and payment.

Expedited readings are available for an additional cost, and will be delivered within 6-8 hours of the time that I personally confirm receipt and payment of your reading.

What if I have questions about my reading?

Your reading will includes one (1) follow-up question.

Additional follow-up or clarification is available for an extra cost.

Love and light!