Weekend Angel Card Reading (June 8) Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio


Water June 8

Note:  These were read on June 8, 2019 but may apply at ANY point in “time.”


My Dear Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio,

It appears that you have been thinking alot about your intentions and the “seeds” that you have planted.

The Unity card indicates that you may be moving towards taking a more spiritual or holitic approach.  Maybe you are doing so, because you aren’t sure that traditional paths are working for you.

This new, more esoteric approach is a good thing!

The renewal card implies that this renewed or, in some cases, resurrected perspective could prove successful.  Your harvest could be multiplied and your spiritual nature may become much more expansive and inclusive!

LadyG loves YOU!

Listen to your reading:


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