4 thoughts on “Late Evening Ramble From The Garden: A Confession!

  1. Hi Gwin.
    Thanks for a journey around your garden.
    I’m with you there on being creative and having something to show for your efforts.
    I can get along with folk who are being active about the news, but some are just there to sound off about the latest ‘fashionable’ subject and they get dull after a while.
    And you’ve always got some family stories which are always great to listen to, I did enjoy the one about your great-grandmother’s preserves still being there 20 years on, that’s lovely.

    You take care Gwin.
    Looking forward to seeing the magnolia trees (and what’s wrong with talking with the trees? Sheila chats with the ‘passing through’ bees, the flowers, and says goodnight to the moon- so does Karlyn in my books. You keep on talking with Nature there,)

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    1. I just love getting these responses from you my friend. I am sorry for the delayed response but we had the damndest thing happen with the garden. All is well and I will share more about that in an upcoming post, but suffice it to say that I was pissed! LOL!
      Why did I just know that Mrs. Sheila was someone who could appreciated a good chat with the trees? I just knew! LOL!! I have a girl crush on her based on your description of her. She sounds awesome. Now, I will think of her and Karlyn when I talk with the magnolias and, of course, YOU! Pls tell them both that I send my love to you all!

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      1. Thanks Gwin Lady Mathilda😀.
        I will certainly pass that on to Sheila.
        Karlyn knows already (of course). She used to sleep up trees when she could; until she and Arketre got together. You’ll still find her up there when she wants to learn some news or just think.

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